Good bye December and second half of 2015

Inside Out. High Tea fun. Family reunion in Kanpur. Five years of the Phoenix. The wheels have started turning. Go Goa Gone. Hedwig 13/8. Balance 14/8. Mellow Machan Meet. Sunny 23/8. Train to Tea Centre. Sunset leads to a beautiful horizon. Anchor by GM. Taj September. Della weekend. Ganpati déjà vu. Florence / Fleur de Lis with Nav! Four beautiful days! October Announcement! The Intern. Taj Brooke Bond Tea House. 3 years at Wasabi. Goa reloaded. Sunshine 20/10. Majestic Melbourne! A Gastronomy and Nature high! Old school letter. Milestone 30/10. Mom turns 70! Diwali birthday! I’ll be there for you… Cake mid air! The universe gave me the best gift! Celebrations end with Aaja Nachley! The Elder Wand. Gifts continue… November Detox. Aussie recipes. Tamasha. Dil Dhadakne Do on DVD! Siya Kay Ram. Diva 2016. Bajirao Mastani. One third of the year. Humayun in Dubai. Four musketeers. Always…

2015 was the toughest, most beautiful year of my life. Some things finally make sense.

Wishing everyone a 2016 that makes you HAPPY. Nothing is more important than that, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Goodbye December and second half of 2014

Misty Monsoon. The fault in our stars. Surreal dream #1. 4 years in Mumbai. Impromptu weekend. The universe is always listening. Frozen s’mores. Mojo moment of truth. Car déjà vu. 21/8. Death by Chocolate trifle. Surreal dream #2. Mesmerising Maldives. Delicious Delhi. Fell in love with Paris thanks to DeeJay. LoveLock bridge. The best Sheesha. Divine hot chocolate. A date with Mona. One sunny day in Geneva. Beautiful Belgium! Ate drank slept chocolate. Diwali déjà vu. Dubai by plane, boat, car and hot air balloon! The King, the sorcerer and the treasure chest. I miss my Blackberry. Mandala transformation. Surreal dream #3. Minion cake! Turned 36, feel 18 🙂 abundance from the universe when I needed it most. 313 minutes. 17/12. Lucy. 25 years of togetherness. Reunions back home. pk. 28/12.

2014 was a year of extremes, of joys and silences, of lessons learned and careless abandon. A crash course and a work-in-progress, of questions unanswered and answers which have no questions.

May 2015 be a year of stability, hope, happiness and above all, Love.

Happy New Year (2014)

Shah Rukh Khan is the newest member of the ‘Crap Crore Club’. Aamir with Dhoom 3, Salman with Kick, Hrithik with Bang Bang and now this spectacle which lacks soul or originality.

Am going to keep it short. SRK looks scary and the macho image looks forced. Deepika is gifted with accents, she entertains like she did in Chennai Express and looks fab. They all have convenient back stories. Boman plays a 50 year old Parsi with a few ticks. Sonu Sood looks great and does a decent job, while Abhishek shouldn’t have agreed to the not-so-funny puking. Vivaan Shah makes a confident debut.

Needless to say common sense was left out, focusing on scenes and songs strung together to hopefully entertain. Some unexpected laughs did escape my mouth, but overall the long length and illogical proceedings made it tiresome. Dubai looks great.

If you haven’t got enough of Reality Dance Shows on TV, watch this.