Change the channel

You are a sophisticated piece of machinery. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are programmed in the womb and activated at birth. But as you grow older, you go into ‘Auto Pilot’ mode. You forget that you are a complex transmitter of thoughts, ideas and desires. It’s only when you realise that the Universe is an infinite supermarket, and everything in it is there for your selection, absolutely FREE, is when you go back to your original state of ‘being activated’. Try it, it will never fail you. Some requests are granted within seconds or minutes. Some take longer. The difference? Maybe our desire isn’t as intense or maybe we are not ready for it, or maybe there’s a better thing in store for us. Either way, fine tune your antenna, find the frequency of the universe and get ready to receive its abundance!


The Economics of Relationships

On the topic of demonetisation, I went through a similar exercise earlier this year. With one surprise jolt, a part of my wealth became only souvenirs which I could deposit in the bank of memories. You see, the only currency I held dear to me were friends. In time new friendships were formed, but unlike notes, people cannot be exchanged.

People complain they don’t have access to their own money. While there are other options to spend besides cash, what of these memories? They stay in a limbo, neither dying, nor living, ultimately becoming a volatile mutation, which cannot be ignored, nor can it be nourished.

While the cash situation will ultimately settle, this particular surgical strike did not cause wounds, which heal with time, but scars, that take years, if not decades, to fade. Their only function will be to serve as reminders of the risks of hoarding good times or not accounting for bad ones. They will force you to deposit echoes of the past so that you may spend them, with the eventual goal of forgetting them. But will they disappear in the abyss of memories?

It’s my life

A phrase we often utter or hear, which is not true at all. From the moment we come in contact with another human being, we trust them with ourselves. Hell, we can physically hurt ourself with no help from anyone else! Crossing the road? Getting on an elevator? Boarding a flight? Train? Car? Boat? Bike? Your safety depends on everyone else watching out for you, and themselves. When you identify that we depend on an entire network of lives, technology and engineering, as they do on us to keep things running smoothly, you realise our life is really not our own. Yes we fulfil our goals and desires through it, and run it the way we like, but more often than not, it is governed by external forces. Your job, your family, your friends, etc. In a nutshell, life is fragile and co-dependant. We all come alone and leave alone, but during our time here we are in the same boat, living lives we think are ours but actually they involve a lot more people and factors. Appreciate the enormity of that reality and give yourself credit, be the best cog in the wheel and protect yourself and those around you.

The breadth and depth of Love

Being a big fan of the opulence, drama and aesthetics of the eccentric director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, I analysed his penchant for incomplete love stories. Being single himself (or unattached in public life) he probably has felt the despair of heartbreak at some point in his life.

No other director has shown us so many hues of this universal emotion. While his first film ‘Khamoshi’ achieved a complete couple, ‘Guzaarish’ united an unlikely pair. We saw the ultimate sacrifice in ‘Hum Dil de chuke Sanam’ in the traditional marriage. A courtesan was capable of love while childhood sweethearts remained unfulfilled in ‘Devdas’. Love broke all barriers of the senses and age, albeit for a second, in ‘Black’. Doomed were the lovers who belonged to warring families in ‘Ram Leela’ and taboo was the warrior princess’ devotion for her saviour, in ‘Bajirao Mastani’. The innocence of unrequited love in ‘Saawariya’ broke our hearts while the prostitute gave us hope in humanity.

This Valentines’, focus on the highest, most important form of love: the one for self. Only when we love ourselves are we capable to fully love another. And if you have attracted the right significant other, celebrate them, and yourself, ALWAYS…

It’s the same year

As the year is reaching its final month I look back and think how it started out. We had resolutions. We had dreams. We had check lists. We had desires which were not on the list or probably not even dancing around in our conscious mind. But somehow without our full intention, they manifested from our subconscious. One friend lost considerable weight and attracted great opportunities. Another expanded his business. One flew to places he has just wished for and another made new friends. Some found love while some found work. Some moved and some contemplated a move. All in the same year. In the very time they didn’t think they would. Or even should because they were not ready or ‘deserving’. But time my friend, will present what’s good for you at the right time, and prepare you for the right time in ways that may not seem right. Trust Time.

By the power vested in me

Don’t underestimate how powerful you are in your relationships. You can empower someone else, share their misery and pain, encourage their dreams and protect them from harm. By the same token, you also have the power to destroy them, neglect their existence, break their spirit, betray their trust, attack their self worth and esteem. Use your presence to uplift, nurture and love others. Humanity demands that you be gentle, dignified and kind.


Are you listening?
I am always listening.
You sure?
Why is life so tough?
You asked for it to be so.
Why doesn’t the struggle end?
Because you haven’t learned your lesson yet.
What is my lesson?
I cannot tell you that.
Then what’s the point of you listening?
So that I can do what’s best for you, even though you may not agree or be aware of what could have been worse.

Item wrong number – hit and miss of the gyrating feminine

Once the cherry on the cake, the item number has now become bait to a ‘fishy’ audience. As quality of music and choreography becomes increasingly questionable, the likes of songs you see in promos or cinema make you question ‘Is this supposed to be attractive? Sexy?’ No one has immunity from this curse, men have also become candy to be paraded, falling abysmally short of their female counterparts. There is some respite though when the occasional good number (or not so bad or tolerable) hits the screens. Everyone wants to be in the ‘Mohini/Sheila/Munni/Lovely’ club but Pinky/Razia are not allowed. Sometimes we are left cringing and offering sympathies to the best of performers.

Voice of Reason

I marvelled at my 6 year old niece Miraya when she softly told her 13 year old sister, ‘You don’t need to do it, you WANT to do it.’Choosing words so carefully at her age, she provided a wisdom far beyond her years. Then a new mother explained the concept of ‘paralysing by over analysing’, where we beat the scenario to death in our minds, then not enjoying the scenario when it happens in real life. A good friend shared about being ‘too committed’, a trait seen as a hinderance in the work place and relationships in the modern world. An old friend asked me ‘So are you back to square one?’ I replied, ‘Nope, I am in a whole new board game now’. Watch out for the voice of reason, it can come from any age and person you meet. Sometimes you hear words uttered by yourself as if they were by someone else, because your understanding of the moment is greater than you would have imagined.

Still or Sparkling?

Sometimes I get lost in the mundane. Movement around me hypnotises me. I sink into observing people, the actions of others are blurring around me as I stand still. My thoughts slow down and become spectators. I am inert in a world of frenzy. Other times I feel I am not only present in the moment but learning from it. The landscape of ideas connects to me. I hear frequencies I wouldn’t normally, see more than meets the eye. I feel the vibrations of energies around me. I can only take this sparkle for a few moments, for the clarity it brings is vast and great. One state survives so we can process and recover from the other.