Talvar (2015)

After a long time a gripping murder thriller drama hits the screens. No spoon feeding here ( a la drishyam) and very short scenes which flow fast but give you time to process and lead you to several conclusions.

Irrfan is… What can I say? He is himself. Dependable, real, talented as ever. Carrying out a complicated investigation in the circumstances that his character does, with his perfect reactions, is a treat to watch. Konkona Sen is powerful, has a tricky layered character which she does full justice to.

Megha Gulzar took up the formidable task of putting a real life controversial case on celluloid. Judging by her previous films which were good stories but didn’t get as much commercial success, this one is running house full and is a totally different genre. She keeps it crisp, taut and has a super cast, various supporting characters who do their job wonderfully well. Her capture of politics in the work place, power games and latent corruption are subtle but strong.

All in all you have a rare gem that demands to be seen. The fact that this really happened makes our legal system the scariest thing you would never want to be involved in.



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